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Doctor Radu M.Giurgiu, laboratory PlantGeek LAB. About Big Data for improving food quality

Dr. Radu M. Giurgiu - Researcher at PlantGeek LAB will be one of the speakers at Smart Farming World Summit Russia. His presentation will be devoted to Big Data and its impact on improving food quality. He will talk at the summit about oportunities and accessibility of the Internet of Things and will discuss the reliability of available sensors, open-source software and its value in the future, based on his experience in the Plant Geek lab.

Dr. Giurgiu is also involved in a number of other international projects at the intersection of plant science and technology. He is a a MELiSSA Postdoc member, works in collaboration with IP Star from the Netherlands at know-how sector in long-term space missions applied on Earth on the base of Circular Economy.

He contributes in developing a sanitation container that treats black, grey and yellow water, extracting the nutrients that are further used for the plant production in controlled conditions.

About speaker

Droctor Radu M. Giurgiu
Researcher at PlantGeek LAB
Doctor Radu M. Giurgiu obtained a PhD in Agronomy at the end of 2016 with a research on Medicinal Plants cultivated in hydroponics and Controlled Environment. Studying how the environment can influence the bioactive substances of the plants he was troubled by the lack of
data in this sector. In his opinion, the complexity of the plant responses to the environment could be only fully understood through Big Data sets that can show in real time all the dynamics in the growing systems.

In 2017 he co-authored a White Paper under the framework of Association for Vertical Farming (AVF) entitled “Controlled Agriculture and Ecosystem Economy“, where together with experts from The Netherlands, Belgium, USA, France, Germany and many more, he addressed the transition from linear to circular economy in Controlled Environment.

In the mid of 2017 he started a joint research project at the University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, funded by The German Federal Environmental Foundation and coordinated by the University of Applied Sciences from Neubrandenburg, Germany. The project is focused on the automation of an aquaponic system (fish + plants) with a big sensors network and Arduino and Raspberry Pi platforms that collect Big Data sets about environment, nutrient solution, plants and fish. The automation is data driven through correlations between different parameters. Created mathematical models led to algorithms that create a dynamic and efficient system with a high precision in cultivation.

Smart technologies in agribusiness will be the main topic of the global event - Smart Farming World Summit Russia 2017 which will be held on November 23-24 in Moscow. Depending on activities each participant of the summit will find interesting for oneself flows of technology usage in key areas of the agro-industrial complex. Go through Registration and get the world experience of using "smart" technologies in the agricultural sector within one event.

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