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The course "Digital transformation of agro-industrial complex" for experts in agricultural branch

On November 24 the course will be held by Harper Adams University for industry experts on "Digital transformation of the agro-industrial complex" within Smart Farming World Summit Russia. This course is one of the most prestigious and popular courses of the university and is included in participation program of Premium delegates of the summit.

The course will provide an overview of current state of technology for smart farming. The course is aimed at those who work directly in agriculture or related industries. The material assumes a basic understanding of agricultural methods and technologies. It is aimed at a public audience and will be presented in a non-technical manner. The course is presented as 5 parts on key technologies for agro-industry.

Session 1: Introduction of Intellectual Agriculture and Agricultural Revolution Ag 4.0
Session 2: Satellite positioning systems and precision farming technologies
Session 3: Digital livestock
Session 4: Proximal and remote sensing

This session will open up basic concepts of proximal and remote sensing techniques, such as absorption and reflection. Then the lecturers will provide an overview of obtaining environmental data methods from sensors, unmanned aircrafts, aircrafts and satellites using both active and passive methodologies. In the final part of the presentation, they will represent all widely used methods for processing proximal and remote data: from stitching up pictures from drones, land use and geomorphometric classification to more complex forms of data processing LiDAR and Radar.

Session 5: GIS and spatial data analysis

After a brief introduction of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and basic concepts of GIS technology, for example, the differences between vector and raster data, this session will be devoted to spatial data analysis. It will be presented a detailed review of analyzing data methods from sensors, drones, robots, aircrafts and satellites. Participants will learn when and how to apply methods such as analysis of bitmaps, geostatistical interpolation and time series analysis directly from ESRI GIS applications.

Beginning of the course: November 24, 12:00

About University

The leading university of Great Britain Harper Adams was founded in 1901 on a farm of 550
hectares. It is a leading specialized university that offers programs to obtain a bachelor's degree and Ph.D. research programs in the field of agriculture, veterinary medicine, agricultural engineering and off-road vehicles engineering, agriculture and real estate management, agro-food marketing and business management in other professions.

The University proposes AGRI project, which provides free support for agro-companies which tend to be more innovative or active in Agri-tech sector.

Course speakers


Richard Green

Head of Engineering Research, National Center for Precision Farming

Harper Adams University


Fabio Veronesi

Invited professor of Agri-Data Analysis

Harper Adams University

Smart technologies and smart solutions in agribusiness will be the main topic of the global event - Smart Farming World Summit Russia 2017 which will be held on November 23-24 in Moscow. Depending on activities each participant of the summit will find interesting for oneself flows of technology usage in key areas of the agro-industrial complex. You can find out about event participation opportunities on the Registration page.

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