November 2018
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On November 22 there will be a Tech tour to “Moskovsky” Agroholding within the framework of Smart Farming World Summit Russia

Partners of Smart Farming World Summit Russia – Agro-complex Moskovsky invites everyone to a tech tour, which will be held on November 22 in the complex. During the tour you can get acquainted with the latest technologies of greenhouse vegetables growing. There will be in the spotlight new technologies in the field of irrigation, temperature, lighting, etc.


About Agro-complex
JSC “Agrokombinat “Moskovskiy is an agricultural enterprise of covered ground. It has two production sites, of 60 hectares of greenhouses up to 4.5 m high and of 15 hectares of greenhouses - up to 6.00 m. In addition it has two boiler stations and three warehouses for packaging, orders formation and vegetables and flower products shipment.

The most advanced technologies used on 115 hectares of protected soil allow you to monitor closely each plant development and keeping impeccable taste, provide for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, eggplant, salads and herbs in pots, ecological compatibility and quality, corresponding to high Russian and international standards.

The tour will be conducted by Anatoly Kropachov, Chief Engineer of JSC "Agrokombinat” Moskovsky. They use greenhouses of Venlo type in agro-complex with a high-and- low tidal system and a top irrigation. They were put into service from 2007 to 2013. Hortimax microclimate control system and Van Zjaal robotic movement system (the Netherlands) are installed in greenhouses. Also they have supplementary lighting system, CO2 supply, fogging system. All systems, except sowing lines, are linked into a single automated complex. All the Premium delegates can take part in tech tour at Smart Farming World Summit Russia. To register for the summit, you need to fill up the application following the link

Smart technologies in agribusiness will be the main topic of the global event - Smart Farming World Summit Russia 2017 which will be held on November 23-24 in Moscow. Depending on activities each participant of the summit will find interesting for oneself flows of technology usage in key areas of the agro-industrial  complex. Go through Registration and get the world experience of using smart technologies in the agricultural sector within one event.

Program details, as well as special offers of Smart Farming World Summit Russia 2017, are available when subscribing for a free analytical digest of the summit. To do this leave please, your email address in the bottom field of the main page and click "Subscribe".

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